How to use hemp oil?

The usefulness of the product has led to its popularity in various fields of activity. A doctor prescribes the product as supportive for various diseases. It is used as a basis for cosmetic masks, applications or means for enriching tonic, cream, lotions. In cooking oil is used less often, but gives dishes a unique touch of taste. Also applicable in other areas: 

  • hemp oil for fishing is used as a bait for fish;
  • in production (as a lubricant).

For medicinal purposes

Hemp oil should be used for therapeutic purposes with care, clearly adhering to certain dosages. It is recommended to use the product on an empty stomach – the effect will be noticeable faster. If it is not a morning meal, it is better to drink the extract 30-50 minutes before a meal.

Hemp Essential Oil – a well-known tool for the treatment of cancer. It is important to know how to take hemp oil in case of cancer lesions. The duration of the course – 3 months. At this time, you should not resort to other means of traditional medicine. Extract take 2 tbsp. twice a day. Start with a small dose, but increase every day to get the body used to the effects of active ingredients. It is also sometimes necessary to use hemp oil externally.

Hemp oil is effective for slimming despite its high caloric value. It should be taken 1 hour twice a day. And it is recommended not to eat fatty food. If for some reason the patient can not take the product in its pure form, at the pharmacy you can buy hemp oil in capsules. CBD oil for anxiety can also be an excellent solution.

In cosmetology

Most often girls apply the product in its pure form on the face or mix it with other oils, such as almond, argan, grape seed, jojoba, etc. It is not worth holding such a mask for more than 20 minutes. Wash off with a tonic suitable for the skin type. It is also possible to enrich the available resources. For example, a cream with hemp oil will not only moisturize, but also help get rid of acne, inflammation, heal small wounds.

Similarly, this oil extract is applied to the hair. It should be done just before washing, hold 30-40 minutes, then rinse with a shampoo. It can be combined with other oils, e.g. hemp + linseed oil, hemp + almond / peach seed. Your curls will become stronger, healthier and shinier. You can rub the product into a nail plate. This will prevent brittleness and delamination, get rid of the fungus.

How to choose and store it

The main condition for maximizing the benefits of cannabis seed oil consumption is its quality, so it is important to be aware of how to choose it correctly. Below are the rules you should rely on when purchasing your product:

  • the most useful product – cold-pressed hemp oil, the method of creation excludes the destruction of useful substances;
  • the color is dark green, almost opaque;
  • the smell is bright, herbal;
  • the product tastes like vegetable oil, but with mustard and herbal notes.

An excellent option would be a full spectrum CBD 1000MG For culinary purposes, you can change the unrefined hemp oil and get the extract of purified seeds.  It has a bright yellow tint, the taste is soft, pleasant, without bitterness, with a nutty aftertaste. It is also necessary to store the product correctly, based on the following criteria:

  • the most suitable place is the refrigerator;
  • packaging – glass, opaque, dark colour, with a tight lid;
  • shelf life – 1 year, but after unpacking – 6 months.

Hemp oil – not yet a very popular product, it can not be found in all shops. Therefore, the most common way to buy it is to order it in an online store. There may be doubts about the quality, so if possible you should ask the seller for proof that there is a certificate for the product.