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What We Do

What We Do
WHI exists to practically demonstrate the love of Christ and strengthen God’s kingdom by drilling clean, abundant water wells for unreached communities in East Africa. Through our work we strive to improve the daily lives of East Africans by empowering their communities, improving their health and sharing God’s word.

7 Steps to a Well:


SHARING THE STORY OF OUR FAITH.Our team’s principal objective in all we do is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and practically demonstrate His love and commitment to the communities we partner with. For every staff member, each outreach is seen as an opportunity to share the gospel with the community through one on one discipleship, bible studies and counsel provided by our South Sudanese pastor. The drill crews are passionate about investing in each community, and have created faith and compassion projects that allow every village member to participate. As a result, thousands of East Africans have received the Gospel and hundreds have professed their faith.


WHI actively accepts donations from individuals, churches, schools and other organizations to support our mission to provide clean water and share the love of Christ with communities in East Africa. We also encourage contributions for the personal support of our missionaries working on the ground.

To learn more about how you can sponsor a well in East Africa, please visit our Sponsor A Well page.

SITE SELECTIONOur crew selects potential drill sites by identifying villages located near a church with the greatest need for clean water. In choosing a location we take into consideration church and government recommended sites, as well as community applications. WHI also drills water wells for community schools in East Africa per donor request.

DRILLING AND INSTALLATIONUnder normal circumstances, the drilling process for a village well generally lasts only one to three days. In more difficult areas, the process can take up to a week to complete. WHI has the capability of drilling through both rock and soft geological formations using either a down-the-hole hammer (DTH) or mud drilling methods. The completed well is cased with a 5" PVC casing, and an India Mark II hand pump is installed. The average depth of wells drilled by WHI is approximately 50 meters.

SANITATION AND HYGIENE TRAININGWhile the provision of clean water greatly improves quality of life by reducing water-borne illness, a lack of understanding of sanitation and hygiene practices continues to allow disease to thrive among East African communities. Taking this into consideration, WHI conducts sanitation and hygiene training with each village community we drill for. During our training we use the PHAST method, a United Nations approved program applied by NGO’s worldwide to combat the spread of disease and advance health education.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENTWHI strives to empower and generate accountability among the communities we serve by involving villagers in every aspect of our work. Upon arriving on site, our team works closely with the local church and community leaders to choose a well location that best serves the people’s needs. During the drilling process, community members aid in everything from acquiring materials and well construction, to providing meals for our crew, to participating in sanitation and hygiene training. After the completion of a well, the village forms a water well committee responsible for well conservation. The 9 member committee then establishes village bi-laws to govern the usage of the well and is provided with maintenance training and resources.

FOLLOW UPBecause our goal is to provide sustainable wells for the communities we serve, WHI conducts frequent follow-up trips to each village. During revisits our team provides encouragement to the community, evaluates the management of the well, and carries out additional training and repair if deemed necessary. This is also an excellent opportunity for our team to continue to spread God’s Word and further support church efforts.


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