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Ocung Ling Village Well

Donated by Villages of Hope Africa

Well Data
Well Data

Agoro Village Well

Well and Borehole Data


Village: Ocung Ling
Well Number: PT-002
Number of Users: 375
Attended Sanitation Training: 125
Heard the Word: 154
Health Clinic:


Date Drilled: July 6, 2014
Date Completed: July 8, 2014
Location: N02.963095, E032.306468
Final Depth: 30M
Depth first water was found:
Max Yield: 12,000+lts/hr
Pump Installed:
Pump Depth: 21M


Obita's Story:

Gordon's Story

"My name is Nyeko Kennedy Obita. I am 57 years old and I grew up in Ocung Ling village. My beloved wife and I have nine children, five boys and four girls. We get water for drinking and other domestic use from a stream. Our only other option is to fetch water from a hand dug well that is dirty. Due to drinking this dirty water, the community suffers from many waterborne diseases.

I appreciate the donor for what he has done by providing us with clean water which will reduce the diseases that infect our community. We are now protected from sicknesses. I also thank Water Harvest International for drilling this borehole with abundant, clean water. May God bless them abundantly!"

Rose's Story:

Betty's Story

"My name is Laloya Rose and I am a resident of Ocung Ling village. I am 30 years old and my husband’s name is Olara Patrick. I get water for drinking from a seasonal hand dug well that is contaminated. It is difficult to protect and so many people suffer from infections. The cycle of contamination is not broken – it is simply passed through families and the community at large.

I thank the donor for the remarkable gift of this borehole that will serve hundreds of people in our village who have been suffering from sicknesses. I pray that God will open more opportunities for the donor to help other communities who do not have access to clean water. I also thank Water Harvest International for successfully drilling this borehole."



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