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Ayweri Village Well

Donated by Villages of Hope Africa

Well Data
Well Data

Agoro Village Well

Well and Borehole Data


Village: Ayweri
Well Number: AW-001
Number of Users: 480
Attended Sanitation Training: 105
Heard the Word: 105
Health Clinic:


Date Drilled: June 11, 2014
Date Completed: June 14, 2014
Location: N03.049669, E032.474277
Final Depth: 40M
Depth first water was found:
Max Yield: 2,769+lts/hr
Pump Installed:
Pump Depth: 27M


Mike's Story:

Gordon's Story

"My name is Otong Mike and I am 39 years old . I was born and raised in Ayweri Village. I am married to Christine Achen Otong. God has blessed us with children and we are living happily as a family.

My whole life I have fetched water from a stream that we share with animals. The community members bathe in it, and after bathing we fetch water for drinking. Therefore, many people in the community suffer from stomach infections due to drinking dirty water.

Now I am physically healthy because of the borehole that has been drilled in our village. I appreciate the donor for the great offer of this clean borehole that will help stop the sicknesses that are infecting us. I thank the donor and Water Harvest International!"

Jennet's Story:

Betty's Story

"My name is Odong Jennet and I am 24 years old. There is no borehole in our village, so people fetch water from a stream that is about 1 km away. The water is not clean, but we don’t have another option. In the dry season, this stream dries up and there are only a few spots where we can dig and fetch water. We can only fetch 40 liters per day. This is used for cooking and drinking, and sometimes we don’t bathe because it is difficult to get enough water.

I am very happy for the donor for giving our community clean water. There will be no more suffering from stomach infections like before. I am excited to have clean water and I thank the donor and Water Harvest International for coming to our village to provide our entire community with clean water. May God bless you all!"



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