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Pajaa Village Well

Donated by Villages of Hope Africa

Well Data
Well Data

Lukura Primary School

Well and Borehole Data


Number of Users:480
People at Sanitation Training:125
Church: Yes
School: Yes
Health Clinic:


Date Drilled:Febuary 1, 2013
Date Completed:Febuary 7,2013
Location: N02.985039, E032.340359
Final Depth:70M
Depth first water was found:
Max Yield: 2400+lts/hr
Pump Installed: India Mark II
Pump Depth:


Achiro's Story:

Alison's Story "My name is Achiro and I live in Pajaa Village, Kal Parish in Patiko Sub-county –Gulu. I am 65 years old. We fetch water from a stream called Abucunye 0.5 km away.

As a result of using contaminated water from the stream, many children and elderly suffer from diarrhea, typhoid, and worms. We also suffer from traveling 4 km to fetch from another stream called Agogo in Pachua village.

Our community has collected water from unprotected sources of since 1921, now this borehole which was drilled by WHI will reduce the long distance and water borne infection within our village and for nearby villages that do not have access to clean water.

I’m urging the team to continue supporting our communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ because most people in the community do not have the opportunity to gather like we do. On behalf of the community I would like to thank the team and the donors. May God be with and protect them."

Achai's Story:

Joyce's Story

"I live in Pajaa Village in Patiko area, Gulu district – Uganda. I am 42 years old, married with four children. The water we get is from Abucunye stream.

When we returned from refugee camp after the war, we drank water from the seasonal stream that dries off in every dry season. Our wives have to travel 4 km to fetch water from the nearby village borehole, so our major problems is water.

I would say that the community is very proud of the borehole drilled today after 25 years of war in the area. I will pray to God for the WHI team and the donors to continue serving in a Godly manner. May God be with them and protect them."



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