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Owil Village Well

Donated by Villages of Hope Africa

Well Data
Well Data

Agoro Village Well

Well and Borehole Data


Village: Owil
Number of Users: 215
Attended Sanitation Training: 52
Heard the Word: 203
Health Clinic:


Date Drilled: December 5, 2013
Date Completed: December 12, 2013
Location: N03.013880, E032.28452
Final Depth: 40M
Depth first water was found:
Max Yield: 4500+lts/hr
Pump Installed:
Pump Depth:


Komakech's Story:

Gordon's Story

"My name is Komakech  Denis  and I am 28 years old. I am married and God has blessed me with three children. The two oldest children are in primary school and the youngest should soon join a nursery school, but there is no nursery school  in Owil village.

In my village there is no borehole. The entire community fetches water from a stream and the water is dirty. During the rainy season the water is completely dirty, and in the dry season the stream dries up. Therefore, life is generally difficult. The only borehole is three miles away. Those who have motor bikes use them to fetch water, but those families who cannot afford motor bikes can only fetch 20 liters per day. Those 20 liters are used strictly for drinking.

I am so happy for this borehole because we have been lagging behind in the area of clean water. My special thanks go to the donor for bringing clean water to this village. We will not suffer any more. God should bless the donor so much. And I cannot forget Water Harvest International for the great love it has shown to my village. God should equally bless them."

Akol's Story:

Betty's Story

"My name is Akol Violate and I am 22 years old. I am married and God has blessed me with a child. Water is a big problem in my village. We do not have a borehole and the people fetch water from the contaminated stream. We have no source of clean water. In the dry season I go to a distant borehole that is three miles away and the population of people lining up for water is high. I fetch two or three 20-liter jerry cans each day.

I thank the donor for helping us by giving us a clean borehole within the village so we no longer have to travel three miles. This is a special day in my village that I will always remember. May God bless the donor abundantly. My heartfelt thanks go to Water Harvest International for its humble way of drilling this borehole."



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