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Ogony A Village Well

Donated by Villages of Hope Africa

Well Data
Well Data

Agoro Village Well

Well and Borehole Data


Village: Ogony A
Number of Users: 250
Attended Sanitation Training: 6
Heard the Word: 150
Health Clinic:


Date Drilled: November 29, 2013
Date Completed: December 7, 2013
Location: N02.726145, E032.273090
Final Depth: 42M
Depth first water was found:
Max Yield: 1200+lts/hr
Pump Installed:
Pump Depth:


Lakite's Story:

Gordon's Story

"My name is Lakite Albino and I am 46 years old. I am married and God has blessed me with children who are grown and living in this village, too. Getting clean water is a real problem. People drink water from the stream, which is contaminated with animals such as pigs, goats and cattle.

In the future, a school and church will be constructed in this village. So the water that is drilled will help the students and pupils in different ways. I am happy to have the drilling crew in our village. Favor from God has brought these drillers and this donor, saving us from drinking dirty water. I pray to God that he would increase and multiply all the blessings of the donor so that he or she can continue to help many people who are drinking dirty water. May God bless the drilling crew also."

Attim's Story:

Betty's Story

"My name is Attim Vivian and I am 24 years old. Both of my parents died and I take care of my brothers and sisters. I am married and God has blessed me with a child. I fetch water from a hand-dug well that is one mile away from my home. The water in this hand-dug well is not clean because it is not protected. Animals drink water from it at the same time people bathe, and therefore the water runs back to the well.

I am so grateful because our village is now easy to stay in with the presence of clean water. I am praying for the donor and that God would strengthen him or her to continue supporting the rest of the community. Thanks to God and the donor."



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